hillfarm is a true family business with three generations involved in farming and producing the oil.

The Fairs family have been farming in Suffolk since 1967. When Sam and Clare heard of a friend who’d been prescribed rapeseed oil tablets to reduce his cholesterol, they began to explore the idea of turning the rapeseed they grew on their farm into a premium culinary oil.

When they launched at the Suffolk Show in 2004 every bottle was hand-filled and sealed.
“We used to sit up late at night sticking on the labels ready to go out to local farmers’ markets and events!”
Now there is a small dedicated team to help but it’s still a family affair – Sam’s father Alan is still deeply involved with the farming. Clare’s background as a chef means she loves developing recipes to showcase the oil’s versatility and enjoys doing cookery demos at shows, events and local schools.

Other members of the team include, Heather from MENCAP (the charity that works with people with learning disabilities) in Halesworth, who has worked with us for over 6 years. As well as our placement student from Harper Adams University we have another student from the local Otley College helping out on the farm.

Children, Lottie and Harry get involved too helping to promote the oil at shows and food festivals and recently dragging their Dad to school to talk about the farm and business!

Sam Fairs

Sam grew up in Suffolk and has always farmed with his father Alan. He pioneered the idea of turning the rapeseed they grew into a quality oil.
When walking the fields and tending his crops – all the better when the sun is shining and there is no mobile phone signal so he can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the countryside.
Top tip for using the oil:
Add a spoonful of hillfarm oil to smoothies to maximise your omega intake
Favourite time of year on the farm:
May – everything is awake and growing like mad, nature is at work, desperate to grow and produce offspring.
Farming – growing food for our country whilst caring for the countryside
Favourite machine:
The biggest on our farm – my combine because it gives me the end result of 11 months of nurturing my crops.
Sam is a head steward at the Suffolk Agriculture Annual Show where he gives his time and energy to educating the next generation of farmers. The Show is always a family affair with everyone working behind the stand in the food hall and catching up with fellow farmers and friends.

Clare Fairs

A farmer’s daughter from the Cambridgeshire fens, it was inevitable Clare would marry a farmer too! In between she worked for a London catering company organising and cooking for large events.
Happiest: In the middle of winter with the fire lit and the curtains drawn. Sam’s always home when its dark so the winter months are when we are able to be a family of four plus Margaux, the dog, too!
Top tip for using the oil:
My favourite at the moment is roasting our own grown asparagus in our oil, as it doesn’t leave a gloopy film in your mouth, nor does it taint the flavour of the asparagus, it complements it perfectly.
Favourite time of year:
Christmas – it’s the longest time we get to spend together as a family . We love taking Margaux for long walks around the fields and then snuggling up in front of the fire.
Favourite past time:
I’m a fresh air addict so anything I can do outside whether it be in the sun or all wrapped up in the winter is where I’m happiest. The beautiful changing Suffolk countryside and farm land is never tiring so I’m lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country feeding my addiction!
The best thing about running hillfarm oils:
The best thing about the oil: It’s something Sam and I do together, being a farmers wife can be a lonely existence but the business has given us opportunities to work together and we’ve been so lucky to meet so many interesting people.

Lawrence Frohn

Lawrence is hillfarm’s Business Manager having joined hillfarm in 2013. He’s still fascinated by the versatility of cold pressed rapeseed oil – not just in the kitchen but in cosmetics and a multitude of industrial uses.

Juraj Capo (George)

George runs the warehouse, and makes sure the production line has everything it needs. He also takes care of everything technical, such as the presses, bottling and packaging and he makes great coffee!

Sophie Lawson

Each year we welcome a University student at hillfarm. Sophie joined us in June as our Marketing Assistant where she works alongside Lawrence and Clare organising events, networking with other local companies, managing  independent retailers and helping to  deliver our PR & Marketing strategy.


Elizabeth Fox

Elizabeth is hillfarm’s Office Manager who is responsible for all administration, our quality management system, coordinating transport, deliveries and stock control.  She is the link between the office and production and most importantly bakes lovely cakes!

Production Team

Our presses work day and night, keeping our friendly production team busy filling, labelling and packing orders ready to be distributed.  Each bottle is individually checked ensuring our high quality standards are maintained.

Daniel Munson

Daniel, our new Production Supervisor, has proved himself to be an excellent addition to the team.  Bringing a wealth of experience to the company, Daniel has quickly settled in and embraced the challenges of his new role.


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