Crop changes at Hillfarm

posted by Sam Fairs on November 29, 2018

Over the last 50 years Hillfarm has changed its cropping dramatically. Here, we explain how we are responding to current market demands as well as changing climate and disease risks.

Any farmer will tell you, farming ain’t what it used to be. To succeed in agriculture today, you need to constantly adapt to the latest economic trends, as well as the effects of climate change and crop diseases. 

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How to Bake and Top the Perfect Jacket Potato

posted by Clare Fairs on October 27, 2018

As the evenings darken, our enthusiasm for cooking can easily wane. At the same time, carbohydrate cravings often kick in. Thankfully, there is a perfect natural convenience food for this time of year – the jacket potato! Read on for cooking tips and ideas for fillings from our kitchen and our Facebook followers! 

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Our work with college and university students 

posted by Lawrence Frohn on October 6, 2018

Here at Hillfarm, we’ve developed strong links with colleges and universities and love welcoming students to join our team. Read on to find out about the skills and experience they gain from their time with us – as well as what we learn from them!

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Junk Free Lunchboxes for Children and Adults

posted by Clare Fairs on August 25, 2018

Would you like to avoid the artificial ingredients found in many packed lunch staples? If you want to pack up something more wholesome for your child or yourself, take a look at our healthier lunchbox ideas.  A sandwich, a packet of crisps, a chocolate biscuit bar and one piece of fruit. That’s a typical packed … Continue reading Junk Free Lunchboxes for Children and Adults

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Better breakfasts: how to start the day more healthily

posted by Clare Fairs on July 16, 2018

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but too many of us are opting for breakfast products that are high in sugar and additives and low in nutritional goodness. We take a look at some of the worst offenders and offer some simple suggestions for healthier alternatives. 

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Chef's Salad Dressing

Healthier DIY salad dressings & marinades

posted by Clare Fairs on June 20, 2018

Salads are a wholesome, low-calorie meal – until your smother a supermarket salad dressing on them! If you’d like to start whisking or shaking up healthier salad dressings or marinades, we’ll show you how with our simple recipes and tips! 

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Best Picnic Spots in Suffolk: Our Top 10

posted by Sophie Lawson on June 19, 2018

It’s National Picnic Week! To help you find the perfect spot to lay out a blanket and indulge in an al fresco feast, we asked our new intern Sophie to list her top ten picnic places in Suffolk. Thursday is Suffolk Day too so fill your hamper with local produce and celebrate the best of Suffolk in style!  

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Inspiring the next crop

posted by Lawrence Frohn on May 23, 2018

Making time for activities aimed at encouraging secondary school students to take an interest in agriculture and the food industry is very important to us at Hillfarm. We’re involved in a range of projects to promote our sector to the next generation, as we explain here.  In March we shared a little of what we … Continue reading Inspiring the next crop

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Healthy and easy fakeaways

posted by Clare Fairs on May 18, 2018

At the end of a long and busy week, it’s all too easy to pick up a takeaway on your way home or order a delivery with a quick call or a few clicks. If you’re concerned about the impact your takeaway habit is having on your health, it’s time to try your hand at a healthier ‘fakeaway’!

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Have you tried our scrumptious new salad cream?

posted by Lawrence Frohn on April 24, 2018

Our new salad cream proves how good salad cream can be when made with proper ingredients. Read on to find out what sets our salad cream apart and where you can try it. 

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No More Dolmio Days

posted by Clare Fairs on April 20, 2018

Say arrivederci to unhealthy jars with our simple homemade pasta sauces!

A couple of years ago, the firm behind Dolmio admitted their sauces were too unhealthy to be eaten more than occasionally. But don’t despair – it’s easier than you might think to whip up healthy homemade sauces. 

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Spring Clean Your Eating Habits with Our Simple Alternatives to Convenience Foods

posted by Clare Fairs on March 19, 2018

When we’re busy, it’s all too easy to turn to jars, packets and ready meals to feed your family or yourself. But you don’t have to! Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing our tips and ideas for steering clear of unhealthy processed foods without spending hours in the kitchen.

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