Chef Mike Fishpen tells us why he loves hillfarm oil

by Clare Fairs, November 21, 2017

Acclaimed private chef Mike Fishpen says he’s been “hooked” on Hillfarm oil since the first time he tried it. Here, he tells us why he is such a fan.

Having earned his stripes in 4 and 5-star hotels and prestigious London restaurants, including Bibendum and Rules, London’s oldest restaurant, Mike Fishpen works now full time as a private chef. With his services in high demand, Mike has cooked for Princess Anne, Richard Branson, members of parliament and more than a few Russian billionaires. So we were understandably very excited to be invited to a dinner party he had been booked for – and couldn’t resist the opportunity to bring along some of our oil for him try.

Hillfarm rapeseed oil is now Mike’s preferred choice of oil for a wide variety of recipes and cooking techniques. With over 28 years of experience as a chef, Mike has used a huge range of products, so we’re delighted he’s become such a regular customer.

“Sam and Claire were guests at a private dinner party I did several years ago, and they brought along some samples for me to try, as they heard I was coming. I was instantly impressed, and I’ve been hooked ever since,” he said.

“I now use the oil for all my cooking and salad dressings, and substitute it instead of extra virgin olive oil. It’s delicious for frying and for roasting potatoes. It is healthier then olive oil, and doesn’t taste as bitter in salad dressings, etc. I am proud to use Hillfarm rapeseed oil in all of my cooking.”

Only Hillfarm will do

We asked Mike if he exclusively uses Hillfarm, and, if so, why. “I only use Hillfarm rapeseed oil,” he told us. “I’ve tried other rapeseed oils on the market, but I’m afraid Hillfarm is the best, and it’s nothing like the rest!

“I love the colour of Hillfarm oil, deep, dark and luxurious. And you can’t be beaten on price, taste and quality.”

At Hillfarm, we aim to provide all our customers with a first-class personal service, and we’re delighted that Mike also reported our customer service is “fantastic”.

As well as getting through large quantities of our rapeseed oil, Mike regularly orders different mayonnaises from our range.

“I especially like the new mayonnaise that has recently come out with olives,” he said. “I make a delicious Chicken Ceasar salad with it.”

Mike’s signature Hillfarm dish

Mike’s signature dish is herb crusted rack of lamb  (click to view the recipe).

“I get no greater pleasure then serving a lovely piece of pink lamb to my customers. Juicy, tender, and packed full of deliciousness. And to top it all off, the breadcrumb crust adds that bit of extra flavour and texture to the dish.”

So does Mike use hillfarm rapeseed oil for his signature dish? You bet he does! He wouldn’t settle for anything less. “The rapeseed oil in the recipe does not give off the bitterness that you sometimes get from extra virgin olive oil, and complements the dish perfectly,” he told us.

Thanks so much for all your kind words, Mike. We’re glad you love our oil as much as we do.  For more information about Mike, please visit:


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