Clear Bottle Survey – The Results Are In!

by Lawrence Frohn, August 11, 2016

As you may already know, we recently trialled a new clear bottle for our Hillfarm Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil. To those who took part in our survey, a big thank you for your fabulous and insightful feedback! Many of you loved the new-look clear bottles, mainly because it allowed you to see the beautiful golden colour of our oil. But our traditional dark green bottle edged it, and here’s why – according to you.

hillfarm cold pressed rapeseed oil in clear and green bottleYou like the ‘high-end’ look

Many of you commented that although the clear bottle looked great, it was harder to find on the supermarket shelves because many other rapeseed oils are bottled in a similar way. You prefered our dark green bottles because they look more upmarket and distinguished than the clear alternative, which sets us apart from other oils on the shelf.

You like to know the nutrients are protected from UV

While some people keep their oil in dark cupboards, many of you like to have it out on display on your kitchen countertops. When exposed to sunlight, you were concerned that clear bottles wouldn’t do enough to protect the oil from UV rays, which affects quality and nutritional content. Although we tested the clear bottles to ensure the oil was protected from UV, you prefer the assurance that the dark green glass brings. We’re fiercely proud of our high-quality oil, and we’re glad you champion its nutritional value too!

You’re big fans of our labels and bottle tops

While some of you were sitting on the fence about the clear vs dark green bottle debate, you do have strong opinions about our labels and bottle tops. Many of you told us that you love our branding, the quality of our labels, and and the changing lids which reflect different events and products such as Poppy Day and our new hillfam honey. We’re very pleased to hear you like our extra-special approach to labelling!

You simply love hillfarm cold pressed rapeseed oil!

Whether you voted dark green or clear, we’re pleased to say that one thing was unanimous – you all love our cold pressed rapeseed oil! Many of you commented on its superior quality, taste, and nutritional content, which is music to our ears.

Here at Hillfarm, we all work very hard to make the beautiful oil that goes into each and every bottle, and it’s been wonderful to have your feedback. It makes our days that much brighter knowing you’re all such big fans of our cold pressed rapeseed oil, so thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out our survey.

Keep an eye out for our dark green bottles in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, East of England Co-op or an independent stockist near you.


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