Suffolk’s best breakfast – shake up your wake up

by Lawrence Frohn, January 28, 2015

breakfast-awards-sqWe teamed up with our friends at the farmcafé in Marlesford to beat the January blues (and the Christmas excess) by creating some fantastic dishes for the Great British Breakfast Week!

Using our wonderful Suffolk produce the farmcafé at Marlesford crafted two special dishes to enter for the public to vote for.

The Scrumptious Suffolk Tartlet with bacon, mushroom and egg finds all your favourite breakfast treats combined in a healthier pie – best eaten hot, it does also make a great packed brunch. 

The Mouthwatering Suffolk Breakfast Muffin packed full of nutritious grains and seeds is great served with a fruit compote and Greek yoghurt.

Winning Breakfast

SuffolkBreakfastMuffinThe public voted for 1000s of breakfasts to find the best in the UK as part of British Breakfast Week and we were thrilled that the Suffolk Muffin made runner up in the Cold Breakfast category!

The Awards are part of The Shake Up Your Wake Up campaign led by HGCA (Home Grown Cereal Authority) on behalf of UK cereal farmers and producers, who grow and make the foods we all enjoy at breakfast. It aims to encourage people to recognise the health benefits of eating breakfast regularly.

A healthy way to start your day

A healthy and balanced breakfast is an important way to start your day. Having ‘fasted’ while you sleep your body is ready for an energy boost to set you up for a the day. With so much going on in our busy lives breakfast is a fantastic way to gather your favourite people together and a healthy way to have a more productive day.

Research shows that eating breakfast can give you more energy, help reduce stress levels, improve concentration, mood and may even help you to manage your weight. However, a survey conducted for Breakfast Week shows that a worrying quarter (25%) of people are skipping breakfast once or more during the week, with more than one in ten (13%) never eating it. In schools, despite the number of breakfast clubs being on the rise, one in seven children are still going to school hungry.


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