My life as a farmer’s wife

by Clare Fairs, September 27, 2015

In all the months of the year being a farmer’s wife September is the hardest!

The weather is cooler and the children have gone back to school. No more carefree days, it’s back to clock watching and school runs!

The harvest is all in but Sam is still busy, the long days continue and we don’t see him much! He’s now busy with cultivations and working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. He gets up at 5.30 am so we don’t see him in the mornings and a night shift starts at 8pm so Sam is out in the evening getting the boys set up for the work ahead. If we’re lucky he’s home by 9.30pm.

Autumn planting is the most important and stressful part of the farming calendar and so I have to be aware of the pressure Sam is under. I leave his supper on a plate ready for him to enjoy even though by then I think it’s just a process before he heads to bed.

The nights have drawn in and darkness is here before you know it, so I head to bed early. I’ve learnt over the years to keep my weeks full-on and flat out. Weekends may be family time for most people but for me it’s time to catch up on household chores and grass cutting!

I’m longing for mid-October when we can be a family of four again and I can enjoy my favourite time of the day, supper with my husband!



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