What I am cooking this summer

by Clare Fairs, June 28, 2015

As the weather has been so lovely I’m finding quick and easy dishes are essential at this time with so much going on – school sports days, family picnics, end of term concerts and summer food and agriculture shows to attend.

At this time of year I like to make the most of being outside in the garden or walking our black labrador Nell, and I don’t want to spend too much time in the office or the kitchen!


I’ve been making homemade scotch eggs deep fried in our oil. I’ve had a bumper crop of mixed salad leaves already this summer so Sam and I’ve been using them as a salad base and then piling on top of them different high protein goodies to keep us fuller for longer!

I love to roast Sutton Hoo chicken putting a lemon in the cavity to add a summery taste, then pulling it apart with salads. It’s also great for children’s suppers served in pitta bread or wraps with grated carrot, cucumber and our new exciting find this summer, raw grated beetroot. Not only does the plate have a wonderful colour but it’s easy to eat and great to take out for picnics on the beach!

Cooking for the children

I’m always keen to make the monkeys (otherwise known as our children Lottie and Harry) choose their own flavours so putting on the table different fillings for jacket potatoes and wraps and pittas is a great way for them them to explore their own tastes. Pizza making is also a great way for them to choose their own flavours rather than just having a plate put down in front of them and far more fun for the chef too! 

Farming life means eating together as a family is a rare thing sadly! But we always make Sundays our family meal time, with everyone getting involved. Barbecues are ideal for this. I always find the boys tend to do the cooking and Lottie and I do salads and breads, chatting and laughing as we go.

It’s usually afternoon by the time we sit down to eat after we’ve spent the day catching up on jobs in the garden and washing I haven’t done during the week! But it’s no hardship having a late lunch after a bigger cooked breakfast – recently breakfasts have been pancakes cooked by 10 year old Harry and served with yogurt and fruit.

Time to relax

My favourite time of every week day is supper with Sam. It’s the one time we actually have time to catch up and always make a point of sitting at the table not in front of the television. As the children get older this is becoming harder as they go to bed much later so sometimes we end up whispering over our supper if we have stuff to discuss which isn’t children friendly!


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