BRC Grade A – reaching a new standard

by Lawrence Frohn, August 28, 2015

hillfarm achieves BRC Grade A

We’ve been working hard at hillfarm to meet the global standards for food safety set by BRC.  It is not a legal requirement to adhere to a food safety standard in this country although many artisan food producers are accredited by SALSA to demonstrate that they produce their food in a safe and legal manner.   At hillfarm oils we have been SALSA accredited for 10 years but last year decided to raise our game to the higher standards set by BRC.

The BRC Food Safety Standard has certificated over 15,000 suppliers in over 100 countries around the globe. It gives consumers confidence in food safety and supply chain management. After a rigorous audit from the organisation that looked not only at food safety but also at how we manage waste and the supply chain, we were delighted to reach the Grade A standard and believe hillfarm is just one of two cold pressed rapeseed oil producers accredited by BRC to produce cold pressed rapeseed oil and this demonstrates our commitment to producing consistently safe and legal food.  


But the work doesn’t stop there! This year the BRC standard has been raised further to try to address the issue of fraud in food that was highlighted by the recent horsegate scandal.    With fraud being rife in many areas of the olive oil industry, hillfarm is determined to maintain and demonstrate the safety and legality of its own hillfarm oil.  BRC have introduced a a new Standard Version 7 and we’re now working to meet those requirements.

With our increased production facilities, and our Accreditation to the highest standard of food production hillfarm oils is in the best position possible to meet the fast growing demand for hillfarm cold pressed Rrapeseed oil.


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