Doubling production in 12 months!

by Lawrence Frohn, September 15, 2015

12 months ago we had 8 presses at Hill Farm for gently squeezing the oil out of the rapeseed – we’ve doubled that to meet growing demand and now we have 16 presses!

0510_sqThis is part of an ongoing programme to improve efficiency and volumes of production in response to growing demand for our cold pressed rapeseed oil. 

The new presses will have a staggering impact on the amount of oil we can produce. We run the presses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and this means we’ll go from being able to press 30 litres per hour or 720 litres a day to 63 litres per hour and 1512 litres per day!

Over a year this means we could produce as much as 550,000 litres per year – that’s the equivalent of 1.1 million bottles of oil!

New storage bins

0826_sqAs well as the new presses we’ve installed a new storage bin for the rapeseed right next to the press barn. Previously we tied up the farm’s tractors several times a week carrying 20 tonnes a time from the farms main barns up to the production site. The new bin will store 400 tonnes of seed which means we can control production much more and it will only need to be filled about three times a year.

The new bin brings more efficiencies – we have to clean the seed thoroughly before it goes to the presses. Previously this was done from the tractor and trailer which wasn’t ideal and also was weather dependent. Now we can clean the seed directly inside the new storage bin and can carry on rain or shine! It will make everyone’s life much easier and simpler.


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