Sprouting rapeseed greens trial

by Lawrence Frohn, May 20, 2015

0681_sqSpurred on by the chefs at one of the best restaurant groups we know – Hix Restaurants – we have just completed a trial of picking sprouting rapeseed greens for use in their restaurants including Tramshed, Hix Oyster and Chop House and Hixter Bankside.  

Mark Hix excels in using ingredients that are new or little used and coming up with inventive ways of cooking and serving them to bring out their best characteristics and has been a fan of hillfarm Oils for years.

Keeping it in the family

The rapeseed plant is a brassica, the same as cabbage, sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli etc and nibbling its flowering stems and shoots fresh while walking the fields gives a wonderful taste experience that is distinctive of brassicas but is also in a class of its own. The stems are sweet, the leaves are mildly peppery and the bud has a flavour and texture of its own; combined they are different to all the other brassicas.

This year we have had a team in every week picking the flowering heads as a seasonal trial.   They have been out in all weathers, rain and shine, to keep our customers supplied and their deliveries fresh.   Now the crop has flowered our trial has come to an end.  

hillfarm on TV

We were very proud to see our sprouting rapeseed greens used on BBC1 Saturday Kitchen in May and will continue to build on our experience and perfect the delivery of a new vegetable to what may be perceived as a tired market.


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