Why bees are so important to us at hillfarm

by Sam Fairs, June 15, 2015

As farmers, bees are very important to us as they pollinate our crops.   It is essential that we look after the bees and also the other beneficial insects that populate our fields and countryside.

Some of the things that we have done to encourage bees at hillfarm are:

  • Working on our rapeseed crops in early morning or late evening once the bees and other insect activity has finished for the day.
  • Growing a wildflower mix in different areas of the farm to provide a habitat for bees when there is not much else for them to feed on.
  • Looking after our hedgerows and field verges to provide natural cover for insects.
  • Growing 200 acres of borage alongside our rapeseed crops, which flowers after the rapeseed and provides a source of food and cover for the bees.
  • Working closely with a number of local beekeepers who produce honey from our rapeseed and borage crops and are experts in bees and how to look after them.

 You may have noticed that this summer we have used a ‘bee lid’ on our bottles.   This is our way of celebrating the bee and trying to point out to our customers that we do farm in a bee friendly way.


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