hillfarm mayonnaise launches in Selfridges Foodhall

by Lawrence Frohn, November 27, 2015

Selfridges Foodhall on Oxford Street in London has to be one of the most upmarket and innovative food shops in the country. They pride themselves on sourcing and stocking some of the best quality food and drink from small artisan producers in the UK and now you can buy hillfarm mayonnaise and garlic mayonnaise too!

As part of the launch I was invited to Selfridges for one of their Meet the Maker events to talk to lunchtime customers and let them taste the mayonnaise.

Being a busy week day lunchtime most customers seem to have nipped out away from their desks to grab some quick lunch to take back to the office. But I also met some others who did have time for a proper chat and to hear about how we make the mayonnaise with our own cold pressed rapeseed oil, and about our recent success winning the ultimate Great Taste Awards accolade of three gold stars!

I found the experience so fascinating was because of the range of different people I met.   They ranged from those that were glued to their Smart phones and looked at me in a stunned way when I interrupted their world with a polite “Good Afternoon”, to those that appreciated someone to talk to and gave me their life history and left without even realising that I was asking them to taste my mayonnaise!

I left in the afternoon to head home to the peaceful Suffolk countryside. The day opened my eyes to what a diverse range of customers Selfridges have and how their team do a great job of offering something for all of them.

I have to admit that after the hustle and bustle of the city I was relieved to be back home in the countryside! I suppose it all comes down to what you are used to.


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