Launching hillfarm honey!

by hillfarm, December 10, 2015

Over the last few months many of our customers have rung us asking about how we look after bees and other beneficial insects on our farm.

Beekeeping images 131We are proud to be able to say that we are a modern, commercial farm and we farm in a way that is sensitive to the wildlife all around us.  We do a lot to look after the bees on the farm in particular, not just in the summer when they can be seen, but all year round.  

It is our actions that speak louder than words and to us it’s important to demonstrate our commitment to caring for the bees and other beneficial insects on our farm.

We work alongside a few beekeepers who keep hives on the farm and are introducing more hives in the spring of 2016. The bees have lots to feed on in the countryside around us including the woodland, clover-rich grasslands, the borage crops we grow and, of course, the rapeseed.

We’ve just taken delivery of 800 jars of hillfarm honey, produced by one of our beekeepers this season and which will be available to buy from us soon!

hillfarm set and runny honeyWe hope that this clearly demonstrates that although we  are a commercial and modern farming business, we do work hard to look after the environment in which we live and work.   Bees and other beneficial insects thrive on our farm and without them our crops would be nowhere as good as they are!

Look out for the new hillfarm honey launching on our web site this week!


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