Doubling production to cope with increasing demand

by Lawrence Frohn, June 28, 2015

We’re seeing increasing demand for cold pressed rapeseed oil from the retail sector with sales to both the multiple and independent retailers showing annual growth rates in excess of 20%.

New markets

The development of new markets in the manufacturing sector is also increasing demand for hillfarm cold pressed rapeseed oil as manufacturers look to improve the health credentials of the products they are producing.

Consumer demand

The latest research from Kantar shows that consumer interest in cold pressed rapeseed oil is growing. Despite decline in the overall vegetable oils market (over -2% year on year), cold pressed rapeseed oil has shown significant growth of 34.9% in value and 38.6% in volume of which nearly 30% comes from new customers.

Kantar’s 2015 research shows that hillfarm has contributed significantly to this growth and is the second most popular brand. 

Hill Farm have increased production facilities to cope with demand, processing 1,388 tonnes of seed which will yield 500,000 litres of oil (compared to 260,000 in 2014). Harvest of our 1000 acres of rapeseed crop will begin at the end of July. We have installed a new 450 tonne bin to store the seed straight from the combine and 4 new presses to gently squeeze the oil out of the seed.


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