Single estate rapeseed oil

by Lawrence Frohn, August 15, 2015

OS_6_sqAt Hill Farm we only make oil with rapeseed grown on our farm. We grow about 1000 acres every year in fields around our home in Heveningham in north-east Suffolk, not far from the coast.

Oil with provenance

We often get asked if the soil and weather at Hill Farm have an impact on the flavour of the oil, to steal a word from wine-making, whether the terroir i.e. the soil, climate and topography impart a characteristic taste and flavour to our oil.


We believe that you can identify unique characteristics of our oil that are different to cold pressed rapeseed oils pressed by other producers. Lawrence Frohn our business manager, says “Like  wines or good quality olive oils, soil type, micro-climate, rainfall, sunshine, differing husbandry methods and even different varieties of rapeseed all contribute to the flavour of the end product”

 “We pride ourselves on our 10 years of experience in identifying the best varieties for nutritional composition, taste and colour.   The consistency of our oil from one year to the next is very important to us” says our founder Sam Fairs.

So we like to think we produce a true ‘single estate’ oil while many other oils on the market are blends where the producer is buying seed from a number of different farms, could be any variety and could be grown anywhere in the country.

We’d be interested to hear your views on this and whether you recognise any unique characteristics of one cold pressed rapeseed oil. Do get in touch and tell us what you think.


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