The inspiration for the hillfarm hand wash and hand lotion

by Lawrence Frohn, May 15, 2015

0606_sqWhen I joined hillfarm oils back in May 2013 I knew nothing about vegetable oils except that they were used for cooking.   So, my first task was to set about making a list of all the things vegetable oils, in whatever form, were used for.   A week later my list was still growing and had extended to several pages.  It amazed me, and still does, how just about everything has oil in it.

At the same time, I was spending quite a bit of time in the factory learning how our rapeseed is pressed into oil and bottled. I quickly realised how my hands, which are normally rough and calloused, were becoming very smooth and soft. 

Cosmetic opportunities

My list showed me that one of the biggest users of oils is the cosmetics industry so, with my sales hat on, I set about contacting a number of cosmetics manufacturers telling them of the wonderful properties of hillfarm cold pressed rapeseed oil and would they consider using it.    Time and again, every phone call and every visit gave me the same answer – “Why would we want to use rapeseed oil when we can use rose oil, cucumber oil, and all of these glamorous named oils available to us”.   I realised that rapeseed oil was the Cinderella of oils and it is all down to its name.

This led us to team up with a local and supportive cosmetics manufacturer to develop our own hillfarm Hand Wash and Hand Lotion.    They were fantastic and guided us through the process and worked closely with us to develop two products that meet all the EU requirements, fit in well with the ethos of hillfarm oils and are probably two of the best products of their kind available.

Armed with my hillfarm cosmetics samples, I went back to all the manufacturers I had originally approached and was able to demonstrate to them how good hillfarm cold pressed rapeseed oil really is.   The rest is history and rapeseed oil, once the Cinderalla of oils, is now growing to become the star of the industry.


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