What’s the shelf life of hillfarm Oil?

by Lawrence Frohn, July 2, 2015

We recently found some five year old bottles of hillfarm cold pressed rapeseed oil and were intrigued to know how they tasted!

We are legally required to put a two year shelf life on our bottles but wanted to know how the oil really kept over time, would it have oxidised and gone-off like olive oil does. Amazingly, the five year old oil tasted excellent and when we sent some off for testing the results came back exactly the same as the original results from the time the oil was pressed. There was no evidence of any degradation or rancidity.

The dark bottle we use is important as light can degrade vitamins.  The vitamins in hillfarm Oil are natural preservatives of the Omega 3, 6 & 9 so consumers know when they buy hillfarm Oil that its nutritional composition is as good as it can possibly be.   Most other producers (not all) use a clear bottle to show off the beautiful golden colour of the oil, but the disadvantage is that the nutritional qualities of the oil can be spoiled with light.

So our recommendation: whether you’re buying cold pressed rapeseed oil, extra virgin olive oil or any other oil, always choose one in a dark not a clear bottle!


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