Our work with college and university students 

by Lawrence Frohn, October 6, 2018

Here at Hillfarm, we’ve developed strong links with colleges and universities and love welcoming students to join our team. Read on to find out about the skills and experience they gain from their time with us – as well as what we learn from them!

We’re always very happy to work with students who’ve made the decision to carve out a career in agriculture or the food industry. Hillfarm Oils is a multifaceted business and there are opportunities to gain invaluable skills and work experience in business, product development, marketing and event management as well as in agriculture and farm management. 

University of East Anglia students 

Working with students from the Business School at the University of East Anglia in Norwich provides two-way benefits for us at Hillfarm. We benefit from their research work and analysis of consumer shopping data while they benefit from being able to base their coursework case studies on our real-life business. 

Recent projects include a Facebook advertising campaign which measured the results of advertising via social media. We are also assisting a student with a value chain project which could help us to identify cost savings on our production line.

This summer, we’re also delighted to have Sophie with us at Hillfarm. Sophie is studying a Marketing and Management degree at the UEA and has joined us to gain practical business experience. She is enthusiastic to apply her higher education knowledge and gain marketing and sales experience within a British agricultural company.

Easton & Otley College students

Easton & Otley College is one of the UK’s leading land-based colleges. Jack is studying a Level 3 diploma in Agriculture Crop Management at Easton & Otley College and has been working full time at Hillfarm while studying since June last year. He has been a great asset, helping with all aspects of the farm including cultivating, corn carting, maintenance, loading lorries and harvesting. Jack will complete his course in December when he will have gained all the practical experience required for his qualification and future career in agriculture. 

Harper Adams University students

We have a great relationship with Harper Adams and each summer welcome a Harper student to help with harvest. Joe has returned this year after completing his third and final year studying Countryside Management, where he achieved a merit. After his second harvest here, Joe will leave us in September to start his new job in Oxford as a Charted Surveyor. Good luck Joe!

We also regularly offer internships to students from business and marketing courses who join us in the office for a year placement to gain hands-on experience of working in a farming and food business and get involved with marketing, new product development projects, production, and events. We have also supported students who use their experience of working with us for assignments and case studies. 

Writtle University College students

Writtle University College is one of the largest land-based university colleges in the UK and is where Sam, a local farmer’s son from Cratfield, will be moving into his second year of studying Agriculture. Sam is working on the farm to gain more understanding of farm management – a career role he visualises for himself in the future – and is excited to be earning and working with our other lads over the course of the summer! 

Thanks to all our students 

As a progressive and innovative business, we really value our students’ input. The ambitious young students we welcome to Hillfarm offer unbiased viewpoints and can bring an entirely new perspective on what we are doing. We greatly appreciate the fresh insight they bring to all aspects of our business as well as all their hard work. Thanks to all of you! 


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