Inspiring primary school pupils

by Lawrence Frohn, December 10, 2015

Inspiring children about the world beyond school and to have goals to work towards, is something that all primary schools try to achieve. My children’s primary school in Grundisburgh, near Woodbridge in Suffolk, has been inviting parents in to talk to the children about their working lives. Last week it was my turn!

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My colleagues in the office seemed to think a talk about my job would be very quick – but took me most of the morning to work my way round three classes!

I started by showing the children the video which show the seed to bottle journey of hillfarm cold pressed rapeseed oil (you can watch the video on Our Farm page). The video really inspired them, of course they loved the big farm machines, especially the younger ones, and they were all keen to tell me their experiences of farming.

I talked about how hillfarm runs as a business,  my role in the team and how we promote what we do. The older children were interested in why we change our bottle lids from time to time and about the recipe cards we produce to give people ideas of how to cook with our oil.

By the end of the morning, I believe the children had a better grasp of the wide range of jobs in the food and farming industry –  which generates more than £100bn a year for the UK economy, making it the country’s biggest manufacturing sector – bigger than cars and aerospace combined.

I found it a very interesting morning and very rewarding too.   The feedback was very encouraging and I would be happy to do the same for any other local schools.     It is an important part of running a business to support local groups and we all have a social responsibility to help our youngsters progress.

It was also nice to see the local shop in Grundisburgh had sold several bottles of Hillfarm Oil in the few days after my talk!


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