4 Little-Known Benefits of Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil vs Olive Oil

by Lawrence Frohn, April 27, 2017

We all know that rapeseed oil is more healthy and versatile than olive oil, but what other reasons are there to buy cold pressed rapeseed oil? Here are 4 little-known benefits of our cold pressed rapeseed oil, compared with olive oil.

Your money supports British businesses…

Every pound you spend on Hillfarm cold pressed rapeseed oil goes on to support other British businesses. From our seeds to our packaging, we always choose to work with local companies, which in turn boosts employment and helps us to nurture the farming industry both in Suffolk and across the UK. If you choose olive oil, your money by-passes hard working British businesses and, more often than not, lines the pockets of bigger multinational corporations.

…and benefits the British economy

Hillfarm is a British taxpayer, and the money we pay the government in taxes goes on to boost the countrywide economy. Most olive oil companies are based in other countries, and pay taxes elsewhere, so your hard-earned money does not come full-circle to benefit British consumers.

You know exactly where the product has come from….

The EU has very vague labelling regulations, and it’s often not clear exactly where olive oil has been produced unless you do extensive research. In fact, most olive oils are a blend of products from several different countries, which are then branded to look authentically ‘Italian’. When you buy from Hillfarm, you know that all of our rapeseed is grown, pressed and bottled right here on the farm in Suffolk.

Take a look at the label on the olive oil in your cupboard – you might be surprised to see how many countries of origin are listed!

…and what’s inside the bottle

Did you know that many olive oil brands contain a percentage of vegetable oil? This could be a mixture of rapeseed, corn and sunflower oils, blended with a little olive oil. You can find more information – and guidance on how to avoid misleading olive oil companies – by reading this helpful Guardian article. Alternatively, by buying from a transparent producer, so you know exactly what’s inside the bottle. Here at Hillfarm, you can even come and visit our production facilities at Hill Farm in Heveningham. We’re always more than happy to show you around!


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