Our Action-Packed Day at the School Farm and Country Fair

by Lawrence Frohn, April 26, 2016

Here at Hillfarm, we’re hugely passionate about education and our local community. Last week we had the chance to celebrate both passions, by taking part in the annual School Farm and Country Fair in Ipswich.

On Thursday 21st April, over 4,000 Suffolk primary school children descended upon Trinity Park Showground for the day-long event, organised by the SAA as part of their ongoing commitment to education. Aimed at pupils in Years 3 and 4, the School Farm and Country fair does an incredible job of involving young children in the local farming community, all while learning more about the industry, where food comes from, and how to get involved.

Our stand was manned by two members of the Hillfarm team – Sophie and Harriet who did an excellent job of showing the children how our cold-pressed oil is made, telling them about our honey and answering all of their fantastic questions.

An event close to Farmer Sam’s heart

For  Sam, the School Farm and Country Fair has special significance,

“I’ve been part of the local farming community from a very young age – so I know how fascinating it is to learn about food production first-hand, and not just from a text book. I used to help my father around the farm after school, which really opened my eyes to the possibilities within agriculture. Now, I get the chance to repay the favour by helping to inspire a whole new generation of farmers – something that is very close to my heart.”

Thank you, and see you all next year!

A big thanks to all who came to say hello, and of course to the SAA for once again organising a fabulous event! From farm animals to tractors and interactive displays, it was certainly an action-packed day that we won’t be forgetting any time soon! There was even time for a ‘happy birthday’ to the Queen, with 1,000 children waving Union Jacks in celebration.

We look forward to meeting more enthusiastic youngsters next year!


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