Sticky Marinated Duck

This sweet, sticky marinade is hands down my favourite way to prepare duck. I always use our local Gressingham duck and our very own Hillfarm honey for a flavoursome dish that never fails to impress.

Cooking Time 2h 15m
Roast Roast
Serves Serves 2



  1. Score the duck breasts right through the skin, without cutting the meat beneath
  2. Mix the marinade ingredients together in a bowl, and add the duck
  3. Make sure the meat is completely covered, cover with clingfilm and leave to marinade at room temperature for 2 hours or in the fridge overnight
  4. Heat a frying pan until hot, and place the duck breast in skin side. Cook until golden in colour before sealing the other side and placing onto a baking tray
  5. Cook in a preheated oven at 210°C for 15 minutes, or slightly longer if you prefer it well done.
  6. Serve with seasonal vegetables.


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